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OHM Solar Solutions

We are bringing a fresh look at solar and battery storage. 

Free Custom Proposals

Our goal is to help you. We provide all of our clients with free custom proposals. This will have all the information you need about your job.

Multiple Finance Companies

We work with multiple finance companies to make sure going green is affordable.

In House Install Team

We are able to provide our highly qualified professional install team to make sure your job is installed fast and done right.

What we offer our clients

Solar Batteries Generators

We understand that getting solar isn't always that simple.  We offer multiples options to make sure your job is completed seamlessly from start to finish. Have questions? We are here to help!

Very happy with OHM Power Inc. They're very honest and helpful thru the entire process. -Kayla Lui


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OHM Team

Meet our Team

Our Best

Cody Pitts

I first started my career in the solar industry in 2013. Since then, I have taken it as a personal challenge to learn the ins and outs of the industry to ensure I am fulfilling all aspects of the customers needs. All the while maintaining a clean and healthy business model. I find it extremely fulfilling that I am able to help my local community all while helping the earth.

Fahredin Nushi

From an early age I wanted to make a difference in my community. Working in the renewable energy industry and growing up in an ever changing social and environmental climate, I wanted to enact positive change. Not only by helping the unstable energy grid but helping local residents financially as well. There is nothing that feels better than helping my clients slash electric bills in half and do their part by lowering their carbon footprint.

Christian DeLuca

Growing up in this community and now being able to provide alternative energy and battery storage for homeowners is nothing short of fulfilling. Since joining this industry it has always been clear to me how applying ethical principles not only makes a difference in our community, but in the growth of our business as well. During the formation of Ohm Power Inc. we collectively chose to make our goal to encourage, engage, and equip others to believe in the possibilities of alternative energy.

Our Process

When clients call us the first thing they ask us is “how does this process go” We want you to be informed about your project from beginning to end.  We advocate for our clients to ensure your project is done right, and you are happy saving money when it’s all finished. 


The initial contact. Whether it’s a phone call, text, email, or video conference. We make it easy on you. During this conversation we will ask you some questions about your project to make sure we are giving you the best company for your project.  We want you to be informed about solar.


During the proposal we will go over all options for your project.   We will discuss different finance  companies and pick which company will benefit you most. We make sure that you project will cover 100% of your energy needs and if a battery or generator would be of benefit to you. 


Once the proposal process is finished the installation company will contact you to set up a date for your project.  On the date of your installation your sales rep will be there to make sure everything is being done correctly. We are you advocate and want to make sure you are taken care of.  

Our Preferred Partners

Our Promise.

Our promise to our client is to make sure you are taken care of from start to finish with your project.  Our main goal is to make sure you are happy and saving money.

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